NaturAid Mg Water

€ 42

One pack contains 12 bottles.

After every sporting event, the consumption of NaturAid Mg Water supports physical and mental recovery.
NaturAid Mg Water, is a natural solution that come from the rock directly to the bottle. It don't contain any chimical addition. it is 100% Natural.

Magnesium contributes to:

Reduce tiredness and mental and physical fatigue

Ordinary Muscular workings.

Ordinary Nervous system workings.

Electrolytic balance.

Ordinary energy metabolism.

Ordinary state of mind.

Ordinary Protein synthesis

NaturAid is an effervescent natural water, it flows unadulterated from the spring and it is without addition of chemicals.

We recommend drinking 1 or 2 bottles daily in order to obtain the right magnesium absorption. 



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