NaturAid sponsor della 28° edizione della Turin Marathon

NaturAid, Official Sponsor of the Turin Marathon, will show today, in Palazzo Lascaris at 11.00 a.m., the sponsored products exhibited in the race units and in the marathon path during the 16th November 2014. Each runner will get the NaturAid and a energy chocolate bar with the addition of taurine and caffeine. The products are chosen and verified by Turin Marathon trainers and they are sold to the spectators through the Turin Marathon e-commerce.

The XXVII Turin Marathon

Sunday 16th November 2014, in Turin, it will take place the 28th Turin Marathon, a international marathon which brings eminence to the City and to its citizens. A breathtaking track, with the starting line in San Carlo square, the historical "beating heart" of Piedmont capital, and the finish line in the noble magnificence of Castello square; 42 kilometres along the city streets through the Moncalieri and Nichelino municipalities.

The tradition and the culture of the city merge themselves through the sport to narrate a secular history to the main character, to the runner.

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