Oxymix Naturaid

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OXYMIX NATURAID - Oxidative stress protection

Food supplement based on Goji extract, alfa lipoic acid (Lycium Barbarum L.) berries e.s., C Vitamin, E Vitamin, Selenium, Zinc and B2 Vitamin, which contributes to:

- Cell oxidative stress protection (selenium, B2 vitamin, C vitamin, E vitamin, zinc)

- Ordinary psychological function and top shape nervous system (B2 vitamin, C vitamin)

- Tiredness and fatigue decrease (B2 vitamin, C vitamin)

- Skin health (zinc, B2 vitamin)

- Ordinary immune system functioning (zinc, C vitamin)

Why is the oxidative stress protection so important?

Free radicals are molecules which are missing an electron to achieve the stability: as a consequence, free radicals charge healthy molecules in order to rob them of an electron, triggering a dangerous chain reaction, like a chemical bomb which creates oxidative stress and it prepares the ground for the cell ageing and, occasionally, for illness.


Alfa Lipoic Acid (A.L.A.): it has scavenger tasks on both protein and lipid free radicals, in facts it is the only anti-oxidant that protects against both outside and intracellular free radicals. Unlike all the other anti-oxidants where only the reduced form has anti-oxidant capacity, the alfa lipoic acid has the skill to neutralise both forms of the free radicals. Another feature of the alfa lipoic acid is that it can regenerate other anti-oxidants like the C and E vitamins. Moreover the A.L.A. prevents the glutathione-transferase activity decrease caused by the workout thus it protects the muscle from the oxidative damage.

Goji: (Lycium Barbarum) exotic fruits which grow spontaneously on the highest Himalayan valleys, in Mongolia and in China. They are rich of a anti-oxidant that has the ability to defend against the aggressive activity of free radicals.

Selenium: The importance of the selenium has increased remarkably when it has been proved its presence in two enzymes: the peroxidase glutathione (anti-oxidant activity) and the deiodinase thyroxine (it rules the thyroid hormone activity). The selenium is one of the main elements of selenoproteins, a class of proteins present in our organism, composed by several enzymes with anti-oxidant activity. Because of its protective anti-oxidant activity, a precautionary role in the ageing process has been recognized to the selenium.

Zinc: the zinc carries out a anti-oxidant activity, by preventing the lipid peroxidation and by reducing the free radicals making process, and it is necessary to the bone and muscle formation. Studies showed that the zinc supports the ordinary functionality of the immune system and it is necessary to maintain the skin healthy.

C Vitamin and E Vitamin: they are the most powerful vitamin anti-oxidant existing in nature.

B2 Vitamin: also known as riboflavin, it is a fundamental element of FMN and FAD co-enzymes. It takes part in the redox reactions of copious metabolic pathways (carbohydrates, lipids and proteins) and in the cell respiration.

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